Four Winds traces its origins back to Curative Education, Youth Guidance and Social Therapy. Our aim was to form a lifesharing community to provide a home for special needs adults.

Our initiative was created out of the specific need to provide care for five special needs adults with very individual needs. We started with very little and over the last five years many people and businesses have responded to help Four Winds become what it is today.

Four Winds continues to make a difference in helping our residents fulfill their potential through our individual approach and philosophy.

With the continued help and private support of concerned citizens Four Winds will continue to be an excellent example of caring and therapeutic community for special needs adults.

Four Winds Community is a registered §501(c)(3) tax exempt organization incorporated in the State of New Hampshire – all contributions are tax deductible. Our mission is to help individuals with disabilities develop to their fullest potential and capabilities.

Various ways to give to Four Winds Community

Outright Gifts

Gifts of cash are the most common way of supporting Four Winds, many other types of assets may be donated outright with substantial tax savings.


Gifts of appreciated securities held long term (12 months and a day) may allow you to avoid capital gains tax and receive a tax deduction for the full market value of the gift.

Real Estate

Gifts of appreciated real estate held long term may entitle you to an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the real estate. It is also possible to make a gift of personal residence, farm or vacation home, reserving the right to occupy it for as long as you or you spouse live. If this gift is irrevocable, you qualify for an immediate income tax deduction. The amount of the deduction is greater, the older you are at the time of the gift.

Closely Held Stock

A gift of closely held stock may produce a current income tax charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock. Your corporation may then purchase and redeem shares of the stock from Four Winds. You receive a tax benefit and the outstanding stock is returned to your business.


Pledges are customarily payable over a three to five year period. A pledge allows you to choose the payment schedule that best meets you needs. A pledge is deductible in the year in which it is paid.

Matching Gifts

Many employers have established gift plans that allow current and retired employees to have their charitable gifts matched by the employer.

Bequests and gifts through wills

In planning your estate, you should remember that an outright bequest to Four Winds, as well as certain bequests in a trust, are not subject to estate tax. Because these gifts reduce the size of your estate, they also reduce the size of your federal and state estate taxes. A bequest can take one of the following forms.

• A specific bequest of a dollar amount or of a particular securities of property.

• A residuary bequest of all or a portion of your estate after the payment of specific amounts to other beneficiaries.

• A contingent bequest to take effect only in the event that the primary beneficiaries under your will die before you.

• A testamentary trust which takes the form of a life income plan, the corpus of which will be paid to Four Winds Community upon the death of the trust's income beneficiary.

• Often, a bequest can be arranged simply with the addition of a codicil amending your existing will.

Life Income Gifts (also known as:- Split Interest Gifts)

There are many types of gifts that allow you and/or others to receive income. After the lifetimes of the income beneficiaries, Four Winds receives the remaining principal. Because of the ability to retain, or even increase, income from an asset which you contribute, a life income gift may enable you to make a larger gift than you may otherwise have thought was possible. Additionally, when completed as part of your overall financial objectives, such gifts can help to accomplish personal financial goals.

Goals that can be accomplished through each of these above plans:

• Increasing current income.

• Increasing current income and passing wealth to heirs.

• Increasing future (or retirement) income.

• Funding future costs (i.e. education for a child or grandchild).

Making a Gift

The development staff of Four Winds will be happy to discuss these options with you and your family in greater detail. We can provide samples and illustrations showing the possible impact of each type of gift. We will discuss your particular objectives and seek to identify options that help you achieve them.

Always discuss specific plans with your legal and/or financial advisor.


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