The mission of Four Winds is to help individuals with disabilities develop to their fullest potential and capabilities.

Four Winds is an integrated community for and with individuals who may be impaired by developmental disabilities or may have other special needs. No persons will be discriminated against in admission or placement into any Four Winds programs by reason of age, sex, religion, race or national origin.

Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, physically well enough not to require constant medical supervision, and able to take care of most of their basic life needs, such as dressing andpersonal hygiene. Four Winds was created out of the need to assist our residents grow from adolescence to adulthood in a therapeutic and supportive environment

Our emphasis is on curative education, youth guidance and social therapy, supplemented by academic, vocational and living skills training programs, all geared to individual needs and capabilities. Most of our residents have graduated from a from a 'Camphill college setting' or 'Camphill high school setting' and they benefit substantially from the stimulating daily life of our vocational, cultural and social environment.

We attempt to provide all of this at Four Winds by:

All this takes place within a vibrant and warm social atmosphere in which interdependence, responsibility, social stability and friendships among peers can take place. We are a small community where the emphasis is on the individual care and development.

We focus on capability - not disability, and the Four Winds approach to our residents within our family setting disintegrates the steryotype of the typical staff/client relationship because of our common lifesharing committment.


Four Winds Community is fully licensed by the State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services as an Assisted Living Residence: Residential Care facility.

A personal interview (parent(s) and child) is required as the first step. Following a completed admissions application, a four-week trial/evaluation visit for the prospective resident is required.

Admission to Four Winds is to a large extent based on our review of this visitation. We look for basic compatibility, what the individual may bring to the group in terms of sociability and human qualities, as well as assessing what the Four Winds community may have to offer the individual. Admission decisions for the following September are usually made by April/May.

New residents begin their stay at Four Winds with the beginning of the term year in September. We recommend that you begin the application process 9 to 12 months in advance of the desired term year you hope to place your child. This will allow adequate time to complete the needed steps of the enrollment process.

Please contact us for more information.

Four Winds currently has six residents. All of our residents come to us from from Camphill - two from Camphill Soltane and four from Camphill Special School - Beaver Run.

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The Four Winds Resident Admission Procedure

The Four Winds Resident Services Agreement ~ Updated Annually

The Four Winds Resident Application Form

Family Involvement

The Four Winds Community Brochure

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